Adding Value To A Home With A Renovation

Practical home renovations that do not break the bank are the perfect way to add real value to any home. A kitchen renovation, bathroom upgrade, and basement finishing project are just a few of the ways to update the interior. In addition to creating a fresh look and feel, the resale value of a property is likely to increase and give homeowners a return on their investment.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are often cited by potential buyers as one of the most important areas of the home. An updated bathroom can help the image of the house as a whole, simply because it will look modern, fresh, and clean. Buyers today expect a lot out of bathrooms, and they want to see it as a place that they can imagine themselves relaxing and getting ready in comfort.

When a complete remodel is not in the budget, homeowners can give the bathroom a facelift simply by changing out the fixtures and hardware. A sparkling new sink, toilet, and tub or shower stall is a great way to make a positive impression on buyers. Replacing wall and floor tiles can also be an affordable way to change the look and design of the bathroom.

Kitchen Renovation

Updating the kitchen is almost always a sure way to add value and get a return on the investment. For homeowners with a small budget, simply updating the appliances to energy efficient, attractive models is a great way to interest potential buyers. If kitchen cabinets need replacing, it may be much more economical to simply give them a facelift by refinishing or painting.

A complete kitchen renovation may include replacing the appliances, flooring, cabinets, back splash, countertops, and sink. Upgrading from laminate countertops to marble or granite is always a plus. Flooring does not have to be expensive, as there are many affordable and attractive options for homeowners to choose from today.

Refinishing a Basement

Many homes have unfinished basements which could be converted into liveable space. This project is typically one of the more costly, and can only be undertaken with the proper budget. By adding more liveable space inside of a home, value can be added. It is a great way to appeal to potential buyers seeking extra areas for lounging, relaxing, and hosting.

Steps Before Beginning a Renovation

Before taking on a home improvement project, there are a few important factors that homeowners need to consider. First and foremost is the budget. Many remodel projects can quickly exceed the initial estimate, so setting down a budget and shopping accordingly is very important to getting a return on the investment. The budget should include all of the equipment, tools, products, new fittings and design elements, and costs for professional contractors.

Homeowners must decide if they are going to take on the work themselves, or hire professional contractors for any part of the job. If the budget allows, it may be appropriate to hire a designer in order to change up the layout of a room. Electrical work should not be undertaken by inexperienced individuals, and plumbing may also be best handled by a qualified professional.

Setting a time line or schedule before starting work can help reduce the amount of time that the renovated room is unusable. If contractors are involved, it is important to ensure that they are reputable and will complete their work in a timely manner. They should always be able to provide clients with an estimate for time and cost before beginning.

Homeowners would be wise to have all of the tools and materials on hand once the demolition work has begun. Removing a fixture only to find out that the replacement is incorrect can cost homeowners precious time and cause unnecessary stress. It is always wise to be well prepared before starting.

For homeowners with the time and the budget, upgrades and updates are the best way to bring real value to a property. In a competitive housing market, potential buyers will be seeking homes that have a recent kitchen renovation and a bathroom update, as these tend to be the selling points for many houses. Homeowners should take the time to consider all of the elements that go into creating a successful home renovation before getting started.