3 Simple Tips To Market Your Roofing Business

One of the biggest mistakes that a roofing company can make is to forget that just because it might be a passed down company with year’s of clients from a family business…

It doesn’t guarantee loyalty.

Whether your business is family owned or a chain with a lot of marketing power, you will need to not only keep the customers that you have but learn to build new ones.

From the small potatoes to the big kahunas, here are 3 simple marketing tips from Evolve Digital that will keep your roofing business… in good business.

Make use of your social media and don’t be afraid to expand.

While FB and Instagram had ad programs that most companies know about, do not neglect new or sillier platforms that can offer a step above the competition… and a new space to do business. From Parlor to Twitch and even TikTok, you can always advertise to meet the needs of each individual platform. For example, TikTok is a great place to give 60 seconds tips on keep your roof healthy or solving everyday problems. If people come to trust you as an expert in a field… you will be the expert that they call.

Know the power of a sale.

Sure. Offering a discount has been round since work has. But that doesn’t mean that the basics are basic. Sometimes running a good coupon campaign can really help to get people off the fence and into redoing their roof. While a lot of your business will come from roof issues, a lot CAN come from aesthetic buys so never forget to offer discounts for total reroofing jobs to draw in bigger business.

Create a brand story.

Brand stories are still going strong and have been one of the largest used ideas in marketing in the past few years. A brand story is basically giving your company a voice, sticking to that voice and your narrative. You can learn more about the magic of the brand story by doing a little research online.

As you journey to further grow your roofing business, we wish you all the best, great success and plenty of great marketing ideas to keep your business going strong for generations to come.