Services Offered By a Roof Restoration Company

The roof on a house serves a number of important functions. The main function, however, is protecting the interior of a house from the elements. The second most important function is enhancing the appearance and beauty of a building. Over time, roofing materials usually fade and can get stained. This can have an adverse effect on the beauty and appearance of the building. The good news is that roofs can be restored to bring back the beauty of the structure. By hiring the best roof restoration company, you can easily restore the appearance and beauty of the building.

Types of Roofs That Can be Restored

Most types of roofs can be restored. If you have terracotta tile roofing, re-bedding and repointing. However, this can only be done if there are any loose tiles. Before the restoration can commence, a complete inspection of the roof must be done to identify areas of concern. The inspection will determine the process to be followed in restoring the roof.

The Process of Roof Restoration

– Roof Repairs: This is the first step in the process of restoring a roof. Once the repairs have been done, the restoration process can proceed.
– Roof Cleaning: Lichen, dirt and mold usually accumulate and grow on old roofs. Therefore, cleaning must be done to remove any organic and inorganic matter that may have accumulated on the roof. Pressure-washing equipment may be used to clean the roof.
– Roof Painting and Coating: After the repairs and cleaning, the next step in the restoration process is to apply filler coats and protective coats. Protective seals will also be applied. An airless sprayer is normally used to apply the coat of paint. In some parts of the roof, painting may need to be done usually a paintbrush. The ideal roof restoration company should be able to mix paint to achieve the original color of the roof.
While different companies may be able to complete the restoration work within just two days, others can take up to 4 days. Therefore, you should keep this in mind when planning for the roof restoration project. You do not need to vacate the house during the restoration process.

Tips on Choosing the Best Roof Restoration Company

There are many roof restoration companies that operate in all the major cities across the country. Since most of these firms claim to be better than the rest, you have to do some research to identify the best contractor for your needs. Below are tips to help you with your research:

Tip 1: Shortlist Licensed Firms

The first thing you should do when searching for a roof restoration company is to search the internet for local contractors and make a list of firms that have valid licenses to offer roof restoration services in the city. With the shortlist in hand, you can easily narrow down your search by considering a variety of factors.

Tip 2: Compare Experiences

The ideal contractor must have plenty of experience restoring residential roofs. The number of houses they have restored roofs on as well as the years of industry experience a company has are key factors to be taken into consideration.

Tip 3: Look at Portfolios

You can assess the quality of service a roof restoration firm normally offers by simply going through their portfolio. The before and after pictures of restored roofs can tell you a lot about the quality of service offered by a firm. If you are not impressed by what you see on a roof, you can eliminate the roof restoration company from your list.

Tip 4: Read Reviews

Service providers with many positive reviews and a lot of testimonials have a history of meeting client needs and expectations. Therefore, they offer high-quality services. By reading as many reviews as you can, you will be in a good position to make a decision that’s informed.

Tip 5: Compare Roof Restoration Estimates

It is imperative you obtain quotes from all the roof restoration companies in the city. A comparison of the cost estimates will help you pick the most affordable contractor in the city. While cost should not be the key factor of consideration, it must be considered once everything else has been looked into. This is because you’d like to get great value for money.