Different Types of Swimming Pools

Every year, hundreds of home owners in Australia (particularly Melbourne, where this type of activity is increasing in popularity) decide to have their own customised swimming pools installed. With plenty of different types of swimming pools to choose from, it makes a lot of sense to think carefully before deciding, as these types of investments are often life-long and it won’t be easy to change your mind once you have one installed.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular types of pools available to make your decision easier.

Indoor Pools

If you have limited space outdoors, or if you’d simply like to take advantage of the warmer temperatures inside, then indoor swimming pools can be the way to go. They can be set up anywhere with the size and space to allow – and for those of you that might not have much room to do so, it can be possible to have a custom-shaped pool installed to match your home’s layout.

Outdoor Pools

The most common type of pool is by far those that are found outdoors. With maintenance and a cover the water could last for months without needing changing – and even longer if you have access to the right types of chemicals to keep the water fresh and clean. They can be designed in a range of shapes and sizes; from smaller options that can add an extra feature to your garden, right through to larger alternatives that can make the ideal source of entertainment for parties and events.

Infinity Pools

Using a complex set up, these pools negate the need for obvious borders in favour of water-level surfaces that simply look fantastic. They can be a little costlier to set up, what with the advanced nature of their internal composition and the way that they filter water back through into the pool; but they can certainly add a whopping amount of value to a property. Furthermore, they can be a lot more environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run.

Heated Pools

If you prefer to stay warm in the winter, but don’t want to miss out on the potential to be outdoors – then a heated swimming pool might be the way to go. They utilise advanced heating features within the foundations and structure of the pool that emit heat to warm the water through. They can be a little bit more expensive to run, but you can’t always put a price on luxury.

Custom Pools

Customised pools can incorporate any of the above features, with options to modify their size, their shape and even the temperature of the water. They can be built into any available spaces; from gaps alongside homes, all the way to sections under trees and at the end of a garden. They can be a little higher in cost due to the design process, but once installed they can be an asset to any garden or indoor area.