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New Trends In Bathroom Design from Latand

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home. It is also the easiest to update or remodel to get the bathroom of your dreams. It is easy to be inspired by trends in bathroom lighting, color schemes, vanity designs, and flooring. Check out the tips below provided by Latand Bathroom Renovations for ideas to create your dream shower or master bath. Even if your bathroom is small, there are great designs to make this space useful and beautiful.

The Latest Trends

bathroomNew trends are brighter, bolder, and smarter. Each of these trends provides ideas on ways to update your bathroom and make it something truly special.

Homeowners are discovering the beauty of recycled materials as the old is one again new. Try incorporating reclaimed timber as flooring, accents, vanities, and even walls. Recycled glass is also popular for use as countertops and shower or spa tiles.

Another great trend is freestanding tubs. These were once very popular in the best homes and today, they are regaining their popularity in master bath suites. Freestanding tubs may be sculptural and sleek or traditional and clean. They hearken back to the era of soaking tubs with gorgeous claw feet. Today, these tubs are made from modern materials and offer a spa-like bathing experience. Find the right one for your bathroom and luxuriate in a warm, soaking bath.

Another popular trend in bathrooms is minimalist design. With this style, less is more and clean lines and plain furnishings are stressed. This simplicity replaces the fussy, more fancy designs of the past.

Walk-in showers are growing in popularity as homeowners discover the convenience and beauty of these shower designs. Many bathroom redesigns include curbless showers which are accessible even as the homeowners age. New linear drain systems make these types of showers possible. These new systems require the floor to slope only in one direction to drain instead of the four center drains that used to be the standard. Another popular feature in shower design is frameless glass enclosures.

There are also exciting new trends in bathroom tile. Showcase your personal style using bathroom tiles. One popular design is to wrap the walls of your shower or bath with gray tiles and then add small mosaic tiles as a complement. If you are on a budget, try using more expensive glass or stone tiles as a contrast against a wall of white tiles. Another interesting design is to use contrasting grout for added contrast. Try using pebbled tiles on the floor to add a gentle foot massage while showering. Mixing and matching tile textures and colors are a great way to create a stylish bathroom.

Another great bathroom design idea is to replace traditional vanities with furniture. Add a beautiful sink to a freestanding vanity with legs to create a dressing table and showcase the floor.

LED lighting is also increasing in popularity as a bathroom lighting solution. LED lighting may be dimmed for mood control and comes in recessed lighting, hanging pendant lights or under vanity lights.

When it comes to creating your perfect bathroom, these new design trends provide a wealth of options. Choose the features and colors you love and create your own relaxing oasis.