Plumbing Specialists

Plumbers are a special type of service provider, with the majority of them possessing advanced qualifications and licenses that allow them to legally repair, maintain and install water systems within a home. Other plumbers work with gas and there are even some that can offer both types of service.

All about plumbers and their services

In order to become a plumber, one must undergo an extensive amount of training that can take several years to fully complete. Starting with an introductory course, a potential plumbing agent will need to demonstrate their skills and expertise in their field, before finding a placement as an apprentice and studying under a qualified professional.

Within Australia and especially Melbourne, any plumber hoping to provide their services within a professional environment will need to demonstrate their skills and expertise. This is why all practicing plumbers will need to possess an updated license in order to offer their features to the general public.


Anyone caught practicing plumbing services without a registration and license could face severe penalties – and this isn’t for control, but to ensure the safety of those that need plumbers in the first place. If a home owner ends up hiring a plumber that isn’t actually qualified and they then cause damage to any pipes or boilers, then the home’s insurance agency won’t cover the costs.

This can leave the home or office owner out of pocket and it’s why it has become so important to only hire a plumber in Melbourne with a license.

What types of services to plumbers provide?

In a general sense, plumbers can help with the repair, replacement, maintenance and installation of the majority of water and gas related fittings and fixtures. From pipes and boilers, right through to drains and sewage systems – the job of a plumber is to ensure the smooth running of waterways. There are some that specialise in gas management, such as those that address gas oven installation and other similar services.

Other might offer emergency services to help home owners to ensure that their properties remain functional well into the future. In all cases however, the role of a plumber can be as versatile as it is affordable. There are thousands of plumbers throughout the country and much more information about them can be found online via their websites.

For quotes and estimates it’s always worth getting in touch with a plumber, as they will typically provide a rough cost upon request. This cost can be compared with others to ensure that the cheapest deal is found; but it is worth noting that more experienced plumbers might charge a little extra, but the expertise that they bring to the table can often more than make up for the additional fee.