The Work of a Glazier

If you have a broken window, you might probably be thinking that you could replace it on your own. You could, of course, as long as you have the basic skills and tools. But why risk an accident or a botched repair job when a professional can do it for you?

Getting Your Glass Windows Installed or Replaced
The individual who installs glass for residential and commercial use is known as a glazier. Glaziers are highly skilled in the trade of cutting, removing, and installing glass and plastic substitutes. They are essential to construction, renovation, and repair work.

A glazier often works with blueprints or a set of specifications to ensure correct and accurate cuts and installations. They typically train as apprentices for about four years during which they learn their trade on the job. In the U.S., glaziers are mostly members of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT). This organization requires members to undergo four years of classroom training and around 8,000 hours of on-the-job exposure.

What Services Can a Glazier Do?
Glaziers perform a number of tasks which may include:

-Cutting glass to a specific shape and size
-Removing broken window glass and securing window before replacement
-Creating and/or installing moldings to protect glass panes and keep them in place
-Apply sealing to protect joints and edges against the elements
-Recommend or make decisions regarding the size, type, thickness, and color of glass, plastic, and other materials to be used.

Glaziers are capable of working with different types of glass, including laminated, tempered, fiberglass, and specialty glass.

A glazier typically performs residential glazing, although he/she may also be involved in major projects that require expertise in commercial window and door installations. Aside from windows, a glazier may also work on doors, skylights, screens, surrounds, paneling, dividers, tabletops, and mirrors. Many of them are trained in installing laminates or films to increase the safety and durability of glass panes.

Why Work With a Professional Glazier?
Glaziers are trained in the appropriate types, characteristics, materials, and installation techniques that should be used to meet the minimum safety standards of every project. Glass is a very delicate and fragile material and should be handled very carefully. A glazier can also offer his/her expertise in determining the correct specifications (size, shape, thickness, color, type) of glass to use for a specific project. A glazier can also design and prepare customized glass pieces for unique projects and ensure safe and correct installation. Furthermore, a glazier can help you find the best materials to use within your budget so you do not spend more than you need to.